Vihri Tacaasi

If I cannot reach you with words, perhaps you can feel my emotions through my dance.

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Name: Vihri Tacaasi
Age: 20 years old
Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual Panromantic
Partner: Single
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Freelance Dancer, Dancer and Courtesan at venues (will disclose if asked)
Server/Data Center: Will provide upon private request.


She couldn't say that she blamed her parents for selling her for gil when she was a young girl, but times were tough. It was ages ago though and occasionally she would wonder how her parents were and if the gil was enough to keep them alive.
For most of her life, she had been in the company of strangers who bought her to their "errand girl," which essentially was squeezing into tight areas they couldn't easily get to and snatching the pouches from passerby's belts. Those who raised her never mistreated her, often showering her with gifts and praise. They even hired an instructor for her when she had said she was interested in taking up dancing as a skill.
Once she became of age, they gave her the chance to leave and make a life for herself which she agreed to do.
Unfortunately for her, she didn't quite understand the social dynamics of the world she was in and often is in others' space, not having been taught the importance of boundaries.
Since her leaving, she came upon an injured sparrow that she nutured back to health that has been by her side ever since. She is quite protective over the little bird.
For now, she spends her time traveling between different cities, dancing as a way to earn some gil.


Hair: Near White - Light Platinum Blonde with Lavender hued tips. Her bangs are swept to the side and she has chin length hair. There is a nicely kept braid going over the top of her head like a head band.
Eyes: Light purple hued.
Build: Toned and petite.
Distinguishing Features: Nails are usually kept quite long, she always has cherry blossom earrings in, when she smiles there is a chance you may see her fangs. Her tail is that of a lions, though she always has a purple ribbon tied at the end.
Voice: Her voice is sweet and gentle, higher pitched but nothing too obnoxious.

PERSONALITYPositive Qualities: Very bubbly and outgoing, knows no strangers, befriends others easily, trusting, caring, kind, and adventurous.
Negative Qualities: Naïve, gullible, easily taken advantage of, almost too caring.

OOC Info

TIME ZONE: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
ACTIVE HOURS: On Discord - Essentially all day from usually 7AM to 10PM. In Game - Usually 6PM to 10PM on the weekdays. On the weekend, I'm usually on FFXIV on and off the entire weekend.
PREFERRED PLACE TO RP: In-game and Discord. Though with Discord, I prefer to make a server for rp so it doesn't clog anything else. You may need to ping me as I forget to reply. If you wanna RP, message me on my discord! fiorella#7418


  • For RPing, I require everyone to be 18+. I don't want to interact with minors because my characters are used for both RP and ERP.

  • I will match your style for RP, whether you do one-liners or paragraphs. I do personally prefer third person.

  • I'm comfortable with darker/mature themes (violence, sex, drugs, drinking, etc). I just ask you give me a heads up before hand on what way the RP will be heading.

  • I'm not super concerned with breaking lore. With that though, if you say your character is suddenly a god though, I may have to press with some questions before continuing.

  • OOC and IC are not the same. Anything that my characters does does not reflect me as a player. If you don't like how my characters act, that's fine, but it is not an accurate representation of myself.

  • I am open to all types of RP. Romantic, casual, combat, ERP, etc. I'm just here to have a good time!

  • Do not take my characters' data without asking me first. If you want to use them for gpose and such, just ask.

  • Vihri is one of my characters and if she isn't to your liking, perhaps you may like one of my other characters!


The Moon Miqo'te tends to keep Vihri on her toes, often surprising her in many ways. Recently they began traveling together to experience new adventures together!
Looking to form more friendships!